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Problems don't scare us! We ReCode to Solutions.

What can we help you transform?  Fear to courage, excuses to execution, negative relationships to positive relationships? Partner with ReCode,  and your amazing transformation awaits you and/or your organization. ReCode is the groundbreaking leader in thought, behavior and attitude transformation for individuals and businesses. We focus on people, and driving results through energizing, engaging, and innovative coaching strategies.

We understand, change challenges comfort, and that's never easy. However, it is only by embracing change that Maximum Growth can occur personally and professionally.  

ReCode Your Disengaged Workforce to an Engaged Workforce

​According to a report from Gallup 70% of American workers are either not-engaged or actively disengaged, which means they’re disruptive and undermining workplace productivity. And here’s a related stat: “Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the US $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year.”


Employee turnover costs US business $11 billion a year and disengaged or satisfied employees are far more likely to leave an employer.

We will show you how to ReCode your corporate culture to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and reduce turnover which impacts your organizations bottom line with our Humanizing the Workplace coaching program. 

ReCode 411

ReCode for Business

ReCode for Individuals

You deserve holistic wellness. Holistic wellness is not just merely the absence of illness, it is the active process through which you become aware of and make choices toward a more enlightened and succesful existence. You were meant to experience L.I.F.E - Living, In, Fulfillment, Everyday. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 10 adults in America reports being clinically depressed.

We will show you how to ReCode from feeling you merely exist, to helping you develop a more energized & purpose filled life through our L.I.F.E  Coaching (Living In Fulfillment Everyday) Program, because the world needs your light!.

Let's Get Personal, ReCode from Existing to Living.
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