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Yakima M. Green  

Go ahead and repeat those 2 words "BRING IT"! Those words make you feel empowered, capable and courageous. I've had to look life in the face and say "Bring It"! When I was 12 years old my mom lost her battle to Breast Cancer, and I had to ReCode every area of my life. I had to ReCode fear to courage, excuses to execution, and powerlessness to empowerment, personally and professionally. From all these experiences transformation became a recurring theme in my life, and ReCode was formed. I'm a champion for people, purpose and action. As your Coach my job is to help you and your organization get off the bench, and into the game. 


Believer of Possible 

For Organizations


My goal is to do work that is meaningful and transformational. I have seen AMAZING results from organizations that utilize proper employee engagement tehniques, have a vested interest in the well being of their employees, and promotes positive engagegment strategies from the C-Suite to Middle management. We implement engagement strategies that are cost efficient, and drive productivity to positively impact your bottom line.  We accomplish this with leadership trainings, workshops, teambuilding activities, and more.  



For Individuals


My goal is to do work that is meaningful and transformational. I believe you are empowered to ReCode every area of your life that stops you from being the best version of yourself. From my personal pain and hardships I know the fundamental difference between those who reach the pinnacle of personal success, and those who don't is 1 thing...OWNERSHIP. We must take ownership of our lives, and that requires strategic planning. Everyone loves motiviation, and that's great, but it's not enough to sustain change. Motivation is a temporary and shortlived emotion. That's what makes ReCode different, we move beyond motivation, to help you experience ultimate, and complete transformation.   We accomplish this a variety of creative, engaging & fun ways including purpose parties, individual coaching, speaking engagements and more. We are your transformation cheerleaders! 


On a more personal note, I love my work! I am passionate about transforming organizations and individuals to reach peak performance. Outside of the passion I have for my work, I am equally  passionate about my fantastic family! My husband Derrick is a great father, provider, and support partner, and we are parents to the most dynamic, handsome, and spirited son, Caleb. 


I partner with my clients with the belief that change is possible and a BRING IT attitude. 



Kind Regards, 

Coach Kima

Believer of Possible 

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