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ReCode your organization through our "Humanize the Workplace" programs. This program focuses on intrinsic motivation to improve the quality of your employees work, to increase your bottom line and maximize performance. In addition to our focus on engagment, we also focus on strengthening communication, presentiion, and leadership skills. 

Our programs are NOT one size fit all, and are customized for your organization after an initial client analysis. Contact us today and we will partner to ReCode your workforce. 


Popular ReCode Topics 

  • A Focus on Engagement: Workshops/Seminars

  1. The New Workforce: Engaging GEN Y/Millenial Employees

  2. Creating Cohesive Teams to  Maximize Performance

  3. Let's get Social! Utilizing Social Media as a Recognition Tool

  4. Can't we all just get along? Managing Conflict in the Workplace

  5. Branding Recognition Programs

  • Teambuilders 

  • Delivering Effective & Impactful Presentations 

  • Improving Communication Skills

  • Organizing, Planning and Executing Successful & Meaningful Meetings

  • Leadership  


How well do you know your Corporate Culture? 


  • What ways do your leaders, or frontline employees like to be recognized?


  • Besides pay, what drives your employees to peform?


  • What drives your employees to exceed standard performance goals? 


  • What are your employees learning style? How do they best deal with change?


  • Are your employees clear and aware on how your organization measure success? 

Drive Productivity

ReCode your Corporate Culture 

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