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"You were born at a precise minute, on a precise course, to complete a precise work"

~Coach Kima


You are a gift! You are a remarkable creation, full of light, full of hope, & full of promise. Oftentimes life tries to dim our light, until we learn how to effectively harness our complete personal power. What stops you from getting out of the desert areas of your life? What hurt, fear, pain, loss, or failure has hindered you from shining brightly? What personal desires and ambitions do you keep postponing until the timing is just right?


Today, is the day you can make the choice to ReCode fear to courage, excuses to execution, or powerlessness to empowerment. Whatever you need to tackle in your life, I am here to help you propel to new levels of personal success, transformation and achievement. I am a succesful coach because I have a passion for people, a passion for purpose, and a passion for ACTION. Together we can map out a playbook for your life with a personal play by play approach. 


Get off the bench, and onto the field with me, Coach Kima and ReCode to tap into your greatness. 

ReCode Personal Coaching Services


WARNING! ReCode Coaching is not for the faint of heart. It's for those who are committed and ready to experience their personal transformation. Successful clients are willing to invest in themselves in order to produce the results they desire. As your coach, I will speak truth, in love,. I will become your personal champion, hold you accountable, and provide you with the necessary tools to set you up for success. 


We offer a variety of  Coaching services, with a minimum duration of 1 month. Your journey begins with an intial Free Phone Consultation with me, Coach Kima! This is a vital component to your success to ensure we are aligned on your path towards your shift. 


ReCode's Coaching Playbook Popular Topics: 

  • Y-O-U: Getting to know you, your purpose, and your passion

  • Developing your life plan

  • Building, nurturing, & restoring personal relationships 

  • Moving past Vision to Action: Entrepreneurship Coaching, 

  • Are you your own worst Enemy? Overcoming self destructive behaviors 

  • I Hate my Job! How to find purpose in a job you hate, career planning & transitioning, 

  • Positive attitude coaching 

  • Forgiving those who Hurt You, & Forgiving Yourself

  • Overcoming Grief

  • Finding yourself after divorce 

  • How to release past pain

I"m so excited to work with you as you experience your shift, so you can Live in Fulfillment Everyday! 



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